Inspired Moments By Sharon Sanders

The historical Church left a landslide of spiritual boulders and rock behind after centuries of Christian anti-semitism. Our work has been to help clear the path and repair the road to Zion.


The Christian church failed in their code of conduct to their brothers the Jewish people. A gap, barrier, break, rupture, split took place and a parting of the ways happened.

The rocks and boulders of spiritual pride, superiorism, supercessianism, dominionism, Replacement Theology, apathy, disregard, ignorance, relentless unmericifulness, turning of the head, ignoring Israel, and a host of other sins against God and His Chosen People brought devastation on the road to Zion.


CFI is one of the pioneer ministries that have been removing the obstacles one-by-one over the years. Christianity violated the law of brotherhood, (Isaiah 56:3) and separation from the Jewish people which is forbidden in God’s Word. We failed to perform righteously before the nation and God called to help restore the relationships we once had centuries ago, to repair the damage done by the church forefathers, and to break down the walls of misunderstanding, distrust and hatred. Someone had to be “sent” to remove the stones and repair the damage done to our precious Jewish people. This is part of CFI’s work: Restoration.