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For Zion's Sake Magazine

2023 - Q4
Beautiful for Situation
The Joy of the Whole


2023 - Q2 - 42 Pages

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2023 - Q2 - 24 Pages

2023 - Q1

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2022 - Q3

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2022 - Q2

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2022 - Q1

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2021 - Q3

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2021 - Q2

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2021 - Q1

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Pages from CFI-FZS Q4 Final 2020 1-24 pa


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Wall of Prayer: Highlights specific geographic areas of Israel that are in desperate need of your intercessory prayer. 

Wall of Prayer.tiff

Watchman’s Prayer Letter: Goes out to multitudes worldwide, providing them with the necessary fuel for intercessory prayer pertaining to Israel and her people.

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CFI News Insights: Brings a Biblical perspective to today’s headlines. 

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Archived Publications
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Raising the Bar: Teachings to the church in the nations, with a Hebrew perspective, to further enrich the knowledge of God.

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