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For Zion's Sake

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Pages from CFI-FZS Q4 Final 2020 1-24 pa

Poking God in

His Eye

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Jesus and His

Unshakeable Conection

to The Jewish Scriptures

FZS Q2 2020 Cover.jpg

Restoring the


of Jesus


Salvation is of

the Jews

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Pages from FZSQ32018.jpg

The Missing Link

in Christianity

Is Antisemitism's

Grip Returning?

God Restoring Israel

Fulfilling His Plans

Stepping up to the Challenge

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Pages from FZSQ42017.jpg
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Pages from FZSQ12017.jpg

Echoes of Isaiah:

Your God Reigns

Pointing to the Jewish


He will make you


Absolute Truth

Pages from FZSQ42016.jpg

And behold a man

clothed with Linen

Pages from FZSQ32016.jpg

A Call For


Pages from FZSQ22016.jpg

Nations Weighed

in the Balances

Pages from FZSQ12016-2.jpg

A Place For

My People

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