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CFI teaches the Church's responsibility toward Israel and brings
awareness to the Jewish people of our solidarity with them.

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16-month Biblical calendar
September 2023 –December 2024
Elul 5783 – Tevet 5785
Made in Israel
Then and Now,
hotos of The Holy City.

We exist to comfort and to support the people of Israel, and to inform Christians around the world of God's plans for Israel.
A friend loves at all times and a brother is born  (for such a time as this), to help in a time of adversity.
Adapted from Proverbs 17:17

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A Principle and a Promise
At a time when antisemitism and replacement theology are spreading globally, Sharon Sanders’ A Principle and a Promise is a biblical antidote to those malign influences inside the church. It’s a clarion call to walk in the light of God’s promises to His chosen people and those who choose to stand with them “for such a time as this.”
Chris Mitchell - CBN News Middle East bureau chief
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New Book by Sharon Sanders
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