Communities Under Attack by Maggie Huang

A Land of Promise

Israel is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and scenery, ranging from desert in the south to lush green hills in the north. That beauty is incredibly varied, and while traveling in Israel you are almost certain to, and very often, gasp in awe at the beauty this land has to offer. It truly is a land flowing with milk and honey promised by God to the Jewish people as an Eternal Inheritance (Genesis 12:7; 13:15 & 15:18; Exodus 6:8; Lev 20:24; Numbers 34:1-12; Deuteronomy 31:20 & 19:8; Judges 2:1; Psalm 105:8-11… to name just a few scriptures). Indeed God marries Jewish people to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 62:5); this land was laid desolate when the Jewish people were in exile, Mark Twain testified of that desolation when he visited Israel in 1867.

Praise God that the desolate land of Israel is rejoicing and blossoming again as God has brought back the Captives of Israel to this Land (Isaiah 35:1 & 58:11), and the nations have marveled at what God has done (Psalm 126: 6). The restoration of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is God’s doing, to prepare for what is to come – The restoration of all things (Acts 3:21). And as Bible believers we are in awe of what a Covenant keeping God we serve, who watches over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). 

Oppositions to God’s Eternal Purpose

Today Israel is literally surrounded by haters of Zion whose common goal is the destruction of Israel, to oppose what God is doing with all His heart and soul, which is to replant the Jewish people in the Land of Israel (Jeremiah 32:41) for His Holy Name sake  (Ezekiel 36:21-22).


The Israeli communities have been under ongoing and constant rocket attack, especially in areas bordering Gaza in Southern Israel. And in the North, backed by Iran Hezbollah has acquired around 150,000 sophisticated guided missiles aimed at regions not only in North, but the entire land of Israel. It is not “if” but “when” Hezbollah will use their stockpiles of missiles to attack Israel.

- Furthermore, the incendiary devices fired from Gaza have caused 

  • 2,155 fires ignited by arson kites/balloons (as of 2 July 2019)

  • 8,747 acres of land – farmland, forests, nature reserves – destroyed.

- Estimated cost of the damage done by the rockets, mortar bombs and arson from Gaza from March 2018 – August 2019: NIS 35 million; direct damage caused by the fires: NIS 14 million.


Misery Living Under Constant Rocket Attack

An additional cost, that cannot be estimated only in money, is the cost of the trauma suffered by the civilian population in southern Israel, especially the children. For more than 15 years, rocket attacks have been part of the daily routine for people living in Southern Israel bordering Gaza… Some civilians only have less than 15 seconds (some even less) to run to a bomb shelter or safe room when “Tzeva Adom” (siren warning of an incoming rocket attack) is sounded. It disrupts the daily life, causes death or injuries as well as indescribable trauma to children and adults alike, affecting their mental wellbeing and capability for work or study and livelihood. The resulting uncertainty and constant state of high alert are taking their emotional toll on residents in the South.


Strengthening the Hurting and Weary Souls

It is reported that more than 70% of civilians in Southern Israel need to take anti-depressant to be able to function. Nevertheless, many families are determined to stay and build their lives on their land in the Western Negev, and we are here helping to strengthen these communities under constant attack (Psalm 35:3). In addition to home visits to strengthen each individual affected by rocket attack, Project CUA also has provided collective assistance to affected communities with: A marathon studies project to help children with learning difficulties, horse therapy for traumatized children, relaxation holidays and therapeutic spas, food vouchers for Passover and Feast of Tabernacle holidays, and special events for different groups of rocket survivors.

Thank you – our supporters, for enabling Project CUA to be the hands of God and our Lord, to mend the broken-hearted, to feed the hungry, to comfort those who mourn, to calm the people in great distress and to help them to look to God and put their hope and trust in Him and His words. To support Project CUA, please send your financial gift to CFI Jerusalem designated to Project “Communities Under Attack”, thank you.

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August 2020 - Project Update by Maggie Huang

Project “Communities Under Attack”


 “God is faithful, through whom you were called…” (1 Corinthians 1:9)


Dear Friend of Israel,

After the writing of my last update, Palestinian terror groups in Gaza fired three rockets into Israel in late June, growing tensions along the border region appeared as the Israeli government considered annexing portions of Judea and Samaria. Two rockets struck in open fields and another rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. In response the IDF struck Hamas targets in Gaza, including some underground infrastructure.

Affected by the Corona pandemic, the funds of Projects CUA & UHW are very low at this period in time, as donors have either lost their jobs or been unable to work so that the financial support has substantially decreased. As a result these two Projects are unable to provide more financial help to victims in need as in the past.  I prayed asking God to fill this gap with His presence so the victims would not feel disappointed by less financial assistance that we could provide for them, as most of them have been in great financial hardship. God truly is very faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9) He answered this prayer. The Holy Spirit was at work when I was ministering to these traumatized rocket and terror victims so that every visit turned out to be of great encouragement to them, and one of them (Amichai) was so deeply touched by the visit that he asked me to visit him and his wife and their 3 young daughters the following week, this time at their home. 


And praise God that He also ministered to Amichai’s wife Shimrit. She has been carrying all the responsibilities on her shoulders as Amichai has been unable to work because of post trauma resulting from his army service. Tension between them arises from time to time due to misunderstanding and expectations. Please remember this precious family in prayer. Thank you for your support for Projects CUA. Our work would not be possible without the help of supporters like you. May The Lord bless you and provide for all your needs.

Living under the threat of Covid is tough... but imagine living with the threat of Covid and in fear of your life from Islamic terrorist attacks? Sderot, an Israeli city, lies just three kilometres from the Gaza Border. CFI's David Soakell has been there many times in the past and even experienced the Tzeva Adom (Colour Red) alert, and watched Kassam rockets being fired by the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. But as the very large red sun dipped on the horizon, and darkness descended quickly, he soon realised that once again, the peace he and the team had experienced in this beautiful Israeli town, would soon be shattered.