Churches For Israel by Sharon Sanders

Taking a Stand with Israel. Consider being a "Church for Israel"

This morning, I read the local news on the Internet. The headlines read, “Boycott Israel” (July 4th, Ha’aretz news). This propaganda is not surprising—we read such daily. There is a twist, however, that is very disconcerting. This time the boycott sponsor is the Church. The thesis statement read, “U. S. Presbyterian Church Committee votes in favor of Israel divestment resolution.” Can this be? Are we quickly forgetting the Genesis chapter 12, verse 3 blessing?

Here at CFI we have spent nearly 35 years assuring the Jewish Community that the Church today is not the same as the one that sent the Crusaders through this Land. We are not identified with Hitler, who called himself a Christian. CFI, along with a few other ministries, has gained the endorsement of the Israeli leadership as a recognized ministry.

One cannot study eschatology (study of the last days) long without realizing that we are experiencing a time when the sheep and goat nations are being divided. CFI and other ministries are just now seeing the rewards of the plowing and planting that have taken years.

I watched recently as rabbis and clergy locked arms while thousands marched together down Ben Yehuda Street.

We are witnessing a union between the Jew and Gentile as referred to in Zechariah 8:23, where the Gentiles are identifying with the Jewish Nation and saying, “We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

Here at CFI we want to invite you to become a “Church for Israel.” If you believe God is calling you to bless and identify with Israel, we want to send you free-of-charge.


1) a personalized “Church for Israel” certificate that you can display in a public area of your Church.

2) We will provide you with a Proclamation in the form of a scroll that you and your congregation will read aloud. 3) An Israeli lapel pin.

4) A small Israeli flag.

You will then be in our database and we will contact you concerning prayer needs, prophetical developments and from time to time we will feature a “Church for Israel” award for outstanding contributions to Israel.

 Please contact me at   

If you are a Pastor or Leader in your church, I would love to provide you with this Certificate.

THIS JUST IN: As I was about to finish this message I heard that the Presbyterian Church voted 50/50 with a slight favor to refuse the divestment. So how do the Israelis view that decision? They see it as half the Christians are for us.

Come on church we can do better than that.

Email me today for your identifying certificate!