Streams of Blessing By Karen Tohon

The vision of the Streams of Blessing Project is to bring comfort, help and love to individuals and communities within Israel that are destitute and disadvantaged. “Comfort, comfort my people says your God” (Isaiah 40.1)
We are committed to be the voice and support in rebuilding the walls of the Land. From Jerusalem and all around the country, we want to engage with the Jewish community as they  show us the way to accomplish, and make God´s mission possible in Israel.

Together, we comfort people in need when we stand by their side as their spirits continue healing from the aggressive past they experienced.  We also help them by building bridges of tangible assistance that will improve and open doors of opportunities for a brighter future and purpose in life; and we love them when we serve, regardless of religious background, with empathy and unconditionally.
Our message, without words if necessary, is to portray the heart of Jesus that was moved with compassion and touched lives as He walked from town to town and saw His scattered people in need. (Matthew 9.36)
It is a team effort! And we are glad to know that many partners around the globe are joining the cause from a distance with us here, to be a blessing… one life at a time.
From the Jewish Talmud: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire .”

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August 2020 - Project Update By Karen Tohon



Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands does not break easily. (Ecclesasties 4:12)


Good and bad situations that occur in our life are only steps, leading us to flow into the river of God for moments in destiny that He already has written for our lives. Joseph never thought to go through challenges and oppositions even within his own family and people, until he saw his dream come true. Yet, even in the darkest moments on the verge of fainting, his Faith and joy were strengthened; while he allowed God to prepare his spirit and mind for what was about to come.

In times of scarcity and famine, and when a door of heaven opened to bless many, Joseph’s eyes never stopped depending on the power of God to make things possible, and most importantly; show the love and compassion as a delegate of the Kingdom of Heaven for all those who suffered in time of need.


In these hard times of Covid-19, we can mark the lives of many people by bearing witness to God’s faithfulness and how He has transformed our hearts to be a blessing to others. All of us in life have gone through difficult moments, perhaps different from Joseph’s life; but if we see it through the divine plan of Heaven, these are opportunities in our agenda that are enabling us to be the Hand of God for His People.


CFI in Jerusalem through the Streams of Blessings project, has dedicated time to assist the many needs of the Jewish people in this harsh crisis that the world is facing. We cannot meet all of them, but we have put food on their tables and most importantly, we have wept and prayed with them with all our hearts. It is our responsibility to do so, and we thank God for each of our donors in the nations, who at distance are joining join us in this effort.

Together we know that God has called us to impact the lives of many people and like our Forefathers, show them that the Lord of Israel is the one who guards and cares for His People. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in


Karen Tohon – Project Supervisor