Streams of Blessing By Karen Tohon

The vision of the Streams of Blessing Project is to bring comfort, help and love to individuals and communities within Israel that are destitute and disadvantaged. “Comfort, comfort my people says your God” (Isaiah 40.1)
We are committed to be the voice and support in rebuilding the walls of the Land. From Jerusalem and all around the country, we want to engage with the Jewish community as they  show us the way to accomplish, and make God´s mission possible in Israel.

Together, we comfort people in need when we stand by their side as their spirits continue healing from the aggressive past they experienced.  We also help them by building bridges of tangible assistance that will improve and open doors of opportunities for a brighter future and purpose in life; and we love them when we serve, regardless of religious background, with empathy and unconditionally.
Our message, without words if necessary, is to portray the heart of Jesus that was moved with compassion and touched lives as He walked from town to town and saw His scattered people in need. (Matthew 9.36)
It is a team effort! And we are glad to know that many partners around the globe are joining the cause from a distance with us here, to be a blessing… one life at a time.
From the Jewish Talmud: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire .”

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June 2020 - Project Update By Karen Tohon



Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)


From centuries, we have witnessed the goodness of God delivering His people, His chosen ones and comforting them in the least expected moment, after experiencing moments of difficulty and battle.  We can never assume that silence or quiet is weak, when we come to a moment of surrender before God, expecting His Will to be done in our lives.


God comforts with love but more over He comforts with His redeeming victory.

Egypt tried to prevent the people of Israel from having the victory of reaching a Promised Land. But to this day everyone remembers how God not only freed them, but also comforted them all the way. The world remembers to this day the miracle of seeing the Red Sea open, bread from heaven falling from the sky and eventually giving them an inheritance that to this day is a Land where milk and honey flow.


Silvia Kandlekar, born Jewish and living in India, worked in the Israeli embassy for several years in Delhi and apparently had a very settled life back there. A couple of years after, and due to domestic violence, she got divorced and decided to make the journey back home to Israel with her son Shai. Step by step she started her new life doing whatever possible, so that she could bring food to the table. She received help from the government for the first year and this gave her the opportunity to later on find proper employment according to her professional record. 


The second time that she approached us for help, she remembered when she was assisted in 2015 at the Distribution Center with clothing, food and furniture to welcome her; she received very little emotional and financial help from her family during her crisis and her moving to Israel. When she contacted CFI for this second time, we tried to convince her to let us help with her extra monthly payments, just to help her during this period during the virus. But she also wanted to walk the extra mile and keep knocking on doors until God provided a job, which is what she would need long term.


In every email that we sent out communicating with her, there was also lots of prayer for her to find a suitable opening. When we finally managed to meet her personally at our Head Quarters in Jerusalem we delivered an envelope with food vouchers for her to have food for at least the following month.  She started crying with a smile of gratitude, as she expressed: “I have found along my life people closer than my own family.  Thank you so much for helping me during this time of need.” As we continue sharing during her time in our offices, she was also heading to a job interview.  After comforting her and praying over her, she left and promised to inform us about the outcome of her meeting. A couple of hours later she called and said, “You are the first to know; I have a job as an Assistant Manager”.  We were more than happy to know and also reassure Sylvia on the phone that God honors her efforts, and that exactly at the end of our human’s effort, is where HE meets our needs.


We all want to witness miracles every single day and want to say to you all THANK YOU for being the miracle and for comforting the people of Israel even from a distance. Your monthly donations help us feed and support many of the needs, like heavenly manna, sent at the right place and time.


Karen Tohon – Project Supervisor