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Streams of Blessing By Karen Tohon

The vision of the Streams of Blessing Project is to bring comfort, help and love to individuals and communities within Israel that are destitute and disadvantaged. “Comfort, comfort my people says your God” (Isaiah 40.1)
We are committed to be the voice and support in rebuilding the walls of the Land. From Jerusalem and all around the country, we want to engage with the Jewish community as they  show us the way to accomplish, and make God´s mission possible in Israel.

Together, we comfort people in need when we stand by their side as their spirits continue healing from the aggressive past they experienced.  We also help them by building bridges of tangible assistance that will improve and open doors of opportunities for a brighter future and purpose in life; and we love them when we serve, regardless of religious background, with empathy and unconditionally.
Our message, without words if necessary, is to portray the heart of Jesus that was moved with compassion and touched lives as He walked from town to town and saw His scattered people in need. (Matthew 9.36)
It is a team effort! And we are glad to know that many partners around the globe are joining the cause from a distance with us here, to be a blessing… one life at a time.
From the Jewish Talmud: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire .”

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Streams of Blessing Monthly Report January 2021


 As Christians who have received from God a love for Israel and the Jewish people, we want to bless them in the Name of the Lord. We invest in the Land of Israel and bring comfort and support to the lives of those who have aligned themselves with the promises of God. 


CFI Jerusalem project Streams of Blessings receives many requests to participate with identified, legitimate needs, and one such request has afforded us the opportunity to support the work of an organization in Efrat by providing much needed equipment to furnish a youth club.


Youth-at-risk is a problem hardly limited to the State of Israel.  What is unique to Israel, is that at-risk behaviors among teenagers is especially exacerbated by the large numbers of new immigrant families experiencing difficulty acclimating to a new language and society. The Efrat Department of Social Services operates a high school youth club for teens, who are experiencing emotional and adaptive difficulties related to problems with family, social peer groups, school performance or substance abuse.  The club provides a warm, safe and caring environment where these teens can receive professional guidance, interventions, referral services and other appropriate support. 


It is through God’s appointments that we accept invitations to build relationships, and to tear down the erected barriers, which have historically prevented support and expressions of solidarity and love to the Jewish People.  We know where our help come from - it comes from the Lord! 


“If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from Adonai, the maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip — your guardian is not asleep.  No, the guardian of Israel never slumbers or sleeps” (Psalm 121:1-4 CJB).


Project Streams of Blessing

Streams of Blessing December 2020 Report: by Karen Tohon: 



“You will not need to fight this battle. Take your positions; stand still and see the

deliverance the Lord will give you.”  2 Chronicles. 20.17


Within the paradoxical concepts of a Kingdom mindset, doing nothing and staying still are two different approaches. Still spirits know deeply, that no matter what the numbers or the situations are, we can walk and serve with confidence trusting that where our human interventions end, it is the precise moment for the Glory of God to manifest.  King Jehoshaphat learned this well. A vast army from Edom was coming against him and instead of being alarmed and trying to win the battle by his own, he decided to inquire of the Lord and proclaimed a fast so all the people of Judah could come together and seek for His deliverance. They had the victory with no need to fight but only by lifting hands, crying out and worshipping with a grateful heart. (vs. 21)

We are still in the aftermath of what the world is facing right now. The challenge is great and the needs are many, but the Streams of Blessing project has taken refuge in the guidance and in the Shalom of God to fulfill the mission. We continue helping, feeding, clothing, comforting and more important, we are loving each one of our beneficiaries when we have the opportunity to visit and stand by their side.

We believe that famine will not disrupt God's plan and purpose

for His people. Here in Israel we have seen it as an opportunity

to see the hand of God intervening again for His people.

Humanly speaking, we cannot do something to change the

external situation that overwhelms the lives of many Jewish

people, but we can be entities of peace that can transmit love,

empathy and solutions, in a world where the daily front page

of their lives is to think about fatalism and its consequences

that no one can fix except the Hand of God.

One thing we can do as a practical step of faith:

Like King Jehoshaphat and the priests, we can raise our hands and pray, that our total dependence comes from heaven, as whatever we do to enlarge the Kingdom of God, will be multiplied for the blessing of many around the world ...and starting here in Zion.  Once again we want to thank each of you for helping us to put a smile on the faces of individuals and families here in Israel. Your prayers are important!

Love God, serve others with gladness, li

Streams of Blessing

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