Under His Wings by Maggie Huang

A Nation Living with Existential Threat

After the rebirth of Israel in 1948 (Isaiah 66:8), this nation has gone through many wars and attacks, and continues to face existential threats by those who hate Jewish people and the God of Israel. This tiny country's existence is a great miracle that testifies that The Rock of Israel watches over His nation Israel as a Shepherd does his sheep (Jeremiah 31:10).


This year (2020) Israel will celebrated its 72nd Birthday. And in every year, one day prior to celebrating its birthday, Israel commemorates its Memorial Day to remember its fallen soldiers in wars and citizens killed in terror attacks.

Memorial Day begins at sundown and ends at sundown the following day. It starts at 8:00PM with a one-minute siren that is heard across the country, followed by a national ceremony held at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The following day, a two-minute siren is sounded again across the country at 11:00AM, followed by national memorial services held in all military cemeteries.


The following day Israel abruptly crosses over from grief to jubilation (Psalm 30:11) at nightfall to celebrate this country’s Independence Day. However, it is very difficult for those who lost their loved ones in terror attacks or wars to transit from mourning and sadness to celebrations of the country’s Independence Day, as that pain and sadness might follow them the rest of their lives.


A New Shoah – Terror Attacks

On the other hand, Israel has been assaulted on a massive scale through terror attacks by jihadists. The first Intifada took place in the late 1980s and early 90s. And during the second Intifada (September 2000 – February 2005), Palestinians launched suicide bombings and other forms of terror attacks against Israeli civilians in all the ordinary places of daily life – on buses, restaurants, cafés, markets, streets, check points, religious places and any place that was crowded, resulting in an Israeli "Ground Zero" with 1,500 Israelis killed and more than 8,000 injuries. Israel is a tiny country, and this number would be proportionally equivalent to about 54,000 deceased terror victims in the United States.


Thanks to the building of security fences there was a 90 percent reduction in terror attacks, however, terror attacks against the Israeli civilians by Palestinians has not stopped. Starting from September 2015, Israel has experienced a new wave of terror attacks perpetrated by individuals, many of them very young, inspired by vicious incitement in Palestinian social and traditional media and urged on by the Palestinian leadership. The Palestinian Authority goes so far as to pay convicted terrorists a monthly allowance – the more serious the offense, the more money they receive. In this new wave of terror attacks, the attacks have been carried out almost on a daily basis via stabbings, intentional vehicular assaults (car rammings), drive by shootings, combined shootings and explosions or by rock and fire bomb throwing… which have resulted in high causality rates and injuries.


Israelis were killed or injured simply because they were Jews. The cruel terror attacks in Israel, day after day, amount to a sort of "new Shoah" (Holocaust) as one writer puts it. 


Profound Effects of Terror Attacks

In addition to physical injuries, terror survivors are known to experience mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is more difficult to heal than physical injuries.


They continue to suffer anxiety, panic, recurrent and unwanted distressing memories of the traumatic event, nightmares, being unable to sleep and severe emotional distress.


As a result many of them have been unable to work, marriages have ended, families have fallen apart, many are living in depression and poverty, and feeling hopeless and forgotten. Each terror survivor has a heartbreaking story of loss.

Comfort, Comfort My People

Thankfully the Lord is close to brokenhearted and those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18). And He says, “Comfort, comfort My people, says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1)


Praise God for using Project UHW to do that, and helping to bind up the wounds of those affected by terror attacks. In every visit we see the hand of God and The Holy Spirit moves – hope being rekindled, hearts being encouraged, and being drawn near to God and His promises fulfilled as written in His word. Project UHW is a ministry very close to God’s heart.


Thank you so much to our supporters and co-laborers. The Lord who is the Maker of Heaven and Earth, bless you from Zion. To support Project UHW, please send your financial gift to CFI Jerusalem designated to Project “Under His Wings”, thank you.

Contact Under His Wings at: wings@cfijerusalem.org

October 2020- Project “Under His Wings” by Maggie Huang


“…to bind up the brokenhearted, …” (Isaiah 60:1).


Shalom Dear Friend of Israel, 19 Oct, 2020


Shortly before we entered the second lockdown in Israel, I was scheduled to receive three terror victims in our office, as home visits were prohibited.  Listening with understanding to the suffering and plight of the victims of terror attacks, builds trust and then it enables them to open their hearts to God, allowing Him to work. 


Avraham came to visit Israel from his homeland in Iran when he was a teenager but he was stuck here because of war and ended up settling in Israel after he met his wife, whose family made Aliyah to Israel also from Iran. But they were disowned by her parents who opposed her marrying Avraham, as they demanded that she only marry a man who was from a wealthy family and of similar social standing to their own. Avraham suffers post trauma because of a terror attack, and his wife has cancer so that both of them have been unable to work. With no support from both of their parents in this time of need, life has been harsh and very difficult for this family. Avraham thanked Project UHW for being a great support to him and his family when he had no one could turn to.


Vickie is a mother who was very broken, as her son Avi became mentally ill, caused by a terror attack which he went through. Yet praise be to God who is close to the brokenhearted and has bound up Vickie’s wounds via the ministry of Project UHW (Isaiah 60:1). Let us stand with Vickie through prayer, interceding to God for Avi’s healing and restoration.



Eli was the third person who was supposed to come to our office for an appointment, but the meeting had to be cancelled as he was infected with Covid 19. I prayed for Eli’s recovery and I will visit him at an appropriate time. 


I thank God for blessing Project UHW with supporters like you. This Project would not be able to do what it has been doing, without your support and prayer. The Lord bless you and keep you and your family during this challenging time, which has turned the whole world upside down.   

September 2020- Project “Under His Wings” by Maggie Huang


 “Call upon me and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3)


Shalom Dear Friend of Israel,

I am in awe to see how God is moving in the lives of those who are seeking him. In September I felt led to visit Aviad and his young family again, to see how he was doing. Praise God that he started to work since March as a Building Engineer, building housing and projects in the wilderness of the Negev despite his post trauma. During the visit I saw that he felt frustrated over the constant demand of attention from him by his two young children, which was also a challenge for our conversations. After sometime we went to their back yard where Aviad has built slides, swings as well as a small playground for his two kids and we were uninterrupted there and started to talk about God and Scriptures from Bible. 


 We came across some Scriptures on Righteousness as well as what it means to us. Suddenly Aviad said to me, “wait, I need to show you something. You wouldn’t believe this.” Quickly he ran to his room and fetched something to show me. He said recently when he was working in the wilderness, he was pondering and asking what Righteousness is and talking to God about this. And when he turned around, he couldn’t believe what he saw - a small Iron panel about the size of our palms, with the word “Righteousness” written in Hebrew (צדק, Tsedek) on the panel. It was as if God dropped this panel in the vast wilderness to interact with him (Jeremiah 33:3). Aviad has a longing for God, but has been chided by people around him when he talked to them about God. When he told his coworkers about what he found, they told him if you still want this job, stop day dreaming. I encouraged him continue to talk to God no matter what others say.


Oren is another young man whose heart is also seeking God. He was enlisted to the Anti-terrorism unit while serving in the IDF and was traumatized. But his symptoms manifested only after he was working and having his own business in the US. Despite great success in business Oren felt a deep emptiness in his heart and he was gradually overwhelmed by post trauma.


Two years ago he decided to move back to Israel, but sadly his parents as well as siblings deepened his trauma and sorrow by taking advantage of him and in cunning, seized all his money from him. Being severely broken Oren locked himself in a room for 2 years. At the leading of the Holy Spirit, I was ministering deeply to Oren during the visit, and told him of the Father heart of our Heavenly Father. I encouraged him to read His Word and like David, to pour out his heart before God. Please lift up Aviad and Oren in prayer that the Lord will continue to draw them and reveal Himself to them and also deliver them out of trauma. Thank you for being co-laborers of Project UHW – outreach to victims of terror attacks. God bless you and wish you and your family Happy Fall Feasts.

August 2020- Project “Under His Wings” by Maggie Huang


 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)


Dear Friend of Israel,


Thankfully, gradually Project UHW is allowed to go out for visits starting from late June. However the Israeli government is weighing lockdown again as cases spike. Let us lift up the Israeli government in prayer that God gives them wisdom to cope with this great challenge of increased Corona infection.


Project UHW ministered to several terror victims in July who were in dire situations. Having to cope with the stress caused by the Corona pandemic is difficult enough; they also have to deal with added stress, also caused by this pandemic, that made them feel overwhelmed.


Giselle is a terror victim and a tour guide who was very broken when I went to visit her. As a tour guide she has had no income since February as no tourists have come to Israel since the outbreak of Corona. As a result her debts have accumulated greatly as she does not have any family to help her. Tearfully she told me that she had reached a point where she might have to let go of her rented apartment even though she has no place to go as she has been unable to pay her rent, as well as other expenses for months. On the other hand the bank has refused to grant her an extra loan. I encouraged her to put her trust in God despite her situation. While praying for her during the visit, I asked God to give her favor in the eyes of whoever she needs to deal with, including her landlord.  A few days later she told me that she felt much better and that her landlord was willing to renew her contract despite the rent she owed him. Praise God, who truly is our ever-present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46:1).


Avi is a 34-year-old young man whose mental state has worsened since the terror attack he went through when he was 14 years old. In that terror attack one of his friends was killed and he and his other 8 friends were seriously injured. Avi was hospitalized in a mental hospital several times.  I felt God’s love and His compassion for him, and under the leading of the Spirit of God, I spoke words of life and hope to him while ministering to him. He listened very attentively and receptively, and at the end of the meeting I saw his entire countenance changed. Praise God. Please keep these precious terror victims in prayer that Holy Spirit continues doing the work, which He has begun, and bring them out of trauma.  Thank you for standing with Project UHW via your support. May The Lord bless you and your family.