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Under His Wings by Neomi G.

Project UHW exists due to the vast number of civilians, soldiers, and police officers who suffer from ongoing trauma/PTSD due to the never ending war & terror attacks perpetrated on them by their enemies.

“Are you an Israeli citizen who is suffering diagnosed PTSD from either terror attacks or military/police service? We would love to hear and help you.
Please contact

Dogs who help people heal - Israel Service Dog Training Center and CFI Jerusalem.
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CFI Team Under His Wings, is excited to announce a new opportunity here in the Land of Israel as we actively look & pray for God-given ways to help soldiers & civilians suffering from war and terror-related PTSD.

After much thought, prayer & coordination, we would like to announce that we are partnering with The Service Dog Training Center, located in Kfar Tikvah “Town of Hope,” & run by Ilan Frumkin & Barak Cohen. The goal of the Israeli non-profit is to “significantly improve the standard of living of people dealing with PTSD through service dogs” (Ilan Frumkin). Not only has it been well proven that interaction with dogs & other animals can have a significant restorative value on one’s health, but I have personally experienced the great potential for healing that God gives us through his furry creatures.  

We at UHW look forward to connecting with The Service Dog Training Center in this unique way as there are currently over 5000 Veterans in Israel who suffer from battle related Trauma.

What will this look like practically? We will begin by sponsoring three IDF Veterans suffering from combat related PTSD who will attend a yearlong program, Dogs for Warriors, at the center, where they learn to train service dogs (some have their own already & others are seeking one) in weekly meetings. They will work with trained staff under the guidance of professional dog trainers. Team UHW will be given the unique opportunity to join them in some of these sessions (how awesome right?)
The Goal:  Our goal will be to raise $3,000 dollars per candidate to pay for the cost of the training which will begin in May-funds dependent.

What is your part?  We ask you to pray as the candidates are decided on and we begin to interact with them.
Please email me at neomi@cfijerusalem if you would like to adopt one of the three veteran soldiers.
OR if you simply would like to make a donations towards this project PLEASE donate to Project Under His Wings and in the YOUR COMMENTS section add “Dog” so that your money goes to this project!
What you get in return? God’s blessing as you bless his people!  We will also send you updates on the project if you will send me an email after you make the donation! We want you to be a part of what God is doing in the healing & restoration of His Land & his precious people.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE *Don’t forget to add “DOG” in Comments Section:  Form | CFI Jerusalem
Check out our interview with Ilan Frumkin at the Service Dog Training Center!
Check out the Service Dog Training Center’s site! אודות - המרכז להכשרות כלבי שירות (
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