Under His Wings by Maggie Huang

A Nation Living with Existential Threat

After the rebirth of Israel in 1948 (Isaiah 66:8), this nation has gone through many wars and attacks, and continues to face existential threats by those who hate Jewish people and the God of Israel. This tiny country's existence is a great miracle that testifies that The Rock of Israel watches over His nation Israel as a Shepherd does his sheep (Jeremiah 31:10).


This year (2020) Israel will celebrated its 72nd Birthday. And in every year, one day prior to celebrating its birthday, Israel commemorates its Memorial Day to remember its fallen soldiers in wars and citizens killed in terror attacks.

Memorial Day begins at sundown and ends at sundown the following day. It starts at 8:00PM with a one-minute siren that is heard across the country, followed by a national ceremony held at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The following day, a two-minute siren is sounded again across the country at 11:00AM, followed by national memorial services held in all military cemeteries.


The following day Israel abruptly crosses over from grief to jubilation (Psalm 30:11) at nightfall to celebrate this country’s Independence Day. However, it is very difficult for those who lost their loved ones in terror attacks or wars to transit from mourning and sadness to celebrations of the country’s Independence Day, as that pain and sadness might follow them the rest of their lives.


A New Shoah – Terror Attacks

On the other hand, Israel has been assaulted on a massive scale through terror attacks by jihadists. The first Intifada took place in the late 1980s and early 90s. And during the second Intifada (September 2000 – February 2005), Palestinians launched suicide bombings and other forms of terror attacks against Israeli civilians in all the ordinary places of daily life – on buses, restaurants, cafés, markets, streets, check points, religious places and any place that was crowded, resulting in an Israeli "Ground Zero" with 1,500 Israelis killed and more than 8,000 injuries. Israel is a tiny country, and this number would be proportionally equivalent to about 54,000 deceased terror victims in the United States.



Thanks to the building of security fences there was a 90 percent reduction in terror attacks, however, terror attacks against the Israeli civilians by Palestinians has not stopped. Starting from September 2015, Israel has experienced a new wave of terror attacks perpetrated by individuals, many of them very young, inspired by vicious incitement in Palestinian social and traditional media and urged on by the Palestinian leadership. The Palestinian Authority goes so far as to pay convicted terrorists a monthly allowance – the more serious the offense, the more money they receive. In this new wave of terror attacks, the attacks have been carried out almost on a daily basis via stabbings, intentional vehicular assaults (car rammings), drive by shootings, combined shootings and explosions or by rock and fire bomb throwing… which have resulted in high causality rates and injuries.


Israelis were killed or injured simply because they were Jews. The cruel terror attacks in Israel, day after day, amount to a sort of "new Shoah" (Holocaust) as one writer puts it. 


Profound Effects of Terror Attacks

In addition to physical injuries, terror survivors are known to experience mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is more difficult to heal than physical injuries. They continue to suffer anxiety, panic, recurrent and unwanted distressing memories of the traumatic event, nightmares, being unable to sleep and severe emotional distress. As a result many of them have been unable to work, marriages have ended, families have fallen apart, many are living in depression and poverty, and feeling hopeless and forgotten. Each terror survivor has a heartbreaking story of loss.

Comfort, Comfort My People

Thankfully the Lord is close to brokenhearted and those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18). And He says, “Comfort, comfort My people, says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1)


Praise God for using Project UHW to do that, and helping to bind up the wounds of those affected by terror attacks. In every visit we see the hand of God and The Holy Spirit moves – hope being rekindled, hearts being encouraged, and being drawn near to God and His promises fulfilled as written in His word. Project UHW is a ministry very close to God’s heart.


Thank you so much to our supporters and co-laborers. The Lord who is the Maker of Heaven and Earth, bless you from Zion. To support Project UHW, please send your financial gift to CFI Jerusalem designated to Project “Under His Wings”, thank you.

Contact Under His Wings at: wings@cfijerusalem.org

Latest Under His Wings Reports by Maggie Huang

Under His Wings: May Report by Maggie Huang

Shalom Dear Friends of Israel, 

“This is my comfort in my affliction, That Your word has revived me” (Psalm 119:50). 

Thanks be to God for allowing me to minister to Ariela who was weighed down and in great distress. Despite the fact that the terror attack has had a great impact on her and her husband, they strive to move on in life and are working very hard to make their ends meet. But Covid has hit hard on the economies of Israel as well as the whole world. Ariela and her husband have not been
able to work and with no salaries to cover their needs their debts started to accumulated. Ariela was greatly
comforted and encouraged by the words which God gave me to say to her, and she was reading the Scriptures
attentively during the visit. I told her that knowing God is not about religion but having a living relationship with God who is our Father in Heaven and He cares for us. And she experienced the Peace of God and relief (Psalm 119:50). Please pray that Ariela, as well as other terror survivors visited by Project UHW will learn to feed themselves with the word of God to draw strength and comfort to counter the anxieties and challenges. 

Project UHW also visited Eliyahu and Mordechai. God is good and faithful to both of them. Despite all the hardships they have gone through, caused by terror attacks, God has built Eliyahu a family as well as giving him and his wife two beautiful children. God is also in the process of doing the same for Mordechai. Mordechai and his fiancée have been postponing their wedding due to Covid restrictions. Both of their parents are Moroccan Jews with lots of family members and relatives who would not be happy if being denied the opportunity to attend his wedding. They are waiting for the easing of restriction on numbers, allowed for indoor gathering, to have their big wedding. All the terror survivors are grateful and deeply touched by the love, support and comfort available for them through Project UHW in their times of difficulties. While rejoicing with them for the goodness and faithfulness of God, Project UHW is very grateful to God for you, our supporters, for your generous financial support which enables this project to do what we do, as mentioned above. May you not only see the good of Jerusalem/Israel but also be blessed by God with the same blessing with which He has been blessing Israel and His chosen people (Psalm 128: 5).

Maggie Huang Project Supervisor

Under His Wings: April Report by Maggie Huang

“Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: … great is Your faithfulness. ” (Lamentations 3:21-23)

Shalom Dear Friends of Israel, 18 Feb, 2021

Out of dry bones the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stood up upon their feet and has grown into an exceeding great army in fulfillment of Ezekiel 37:10. Today, as with then in May 1948, the enemies of Israel continue to seek annilnation of the Jewish nation, but thanks be to God for the brave men and women of the IDF who have paid an inestimable price, which has cost many young men and women serving in IDF to defend this country, their lives or being traumatized; therefore the nation of Israel not only has survived but continues to grow stronger.

Like Ezekiel and Jeremiah whose hopes were restored by God when they thought all hope was gone…. (Ezekiel 37 & Lamentations 3:21-23), so it was with Shmuel, a severely traumatized former warrior, who while doing his compulsory military service in the anti-terrorism unit (the Duvdevan unit), thought all his hope was gone. Yet God restored his hope and has given him not only a wife but also a baby girl last week. It was a miracle, as the doctors told him that he would not be able to  have children due to his post trauma. I went to their home to celebrate this great joy and miracle with him and his family, after receiving a phone call from him to tell me about this exciting news.

Henry is another victim of terror, who is quite a character, and acts like he is fine and does not care.  He lost one of his legs in a terror attack in which the terrorist hit him from behind with a high-speed car when he was riding a motorcycle. He has been trying to be strong and tough in the presence of others, to conceal his brokenness, sadness and struggle with joking and sarcasm. I felt God’s love and compassion for Henry. During the visit, prompted by the Holy Spirit I said to him that I felt that God said he needs a little more encouragement. Then he broke into tears and started to tell me some of his stories, which he did not share with others. Please pray that the Lord Himself will continue to minister to Henry and open his eyes regarding who He truly is.


A heartfelt “Thank you,” for your being a co-labor of Project UHW, through your prayer and financial support.   Like Shmuel May your hope be renewed as you recall the faithfulness of God. Bless you from Zion.

 Under His Wings: February Report by Maggie Huang

“Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me! O LORD, make haste to help me!” (Psalm 40:13)

Shalom Dear Friends of Israel,                                                                     


At the writing of this UHW project update, Israel is in the third lockdown (or three and a half as one of my Israeli friends said, as it is an extension of the third lockdown), meaning we are working from home, prohibited from leaving more than one kilometer away from our homes, except for essential things such as buying food, medicine or helping those in desperately situations.

While working from home I received a phone call from the mother of the Zino family, asking for prayer (Psalm 40:13). She said their entire household is infected with Covid 19, very likely by one of her sons studying in Yeshiva, with her and one of her daughters’ situations being the worst. She was unable to stand and was feeling very weak. She said she was afraid to go to hospital as the news reported that people became even worse or died after being taken to hospitals. I prayed for her and her family. Knowing they are a family living in poverty, I asked her if they have food at home? She said one neighbor can cook for them but neither this neighbor or themselves have money to buy groceries. Thank you, our supporters, for your generous and sacrificial giving. With the financial help we received from you, Project UHW speedily provided help for this precious needy family, stricken by Covid, to buy food. The family was very grateful and touched by the love from you in their desperate situation. Please pray for healing as well as wisdom for this family that they will knows what to do for recovery from Covid.

News reported that Israel has administered the vaccine to more than 2 million of her citizens ― the highest percentage in the world, in the hope of exiting from this pandemic.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with the pharmaseutical companies to share the data from Israel's vaccination program for them to improve their vaccines. However, there are voices of concern that Israelis have become the world's guinea pigs over the Israeli government’s swift mass vaccination to its citizens. There are also citizens who are suspicion about the vaccine.

The Israeli government has come under enormous criticism for its handling of the crisis, with three lockdowns, and inconsistent decisions over opening and closing the economy and education system. Only God knows whether this swift mass vaccination is a wise decision, let us ask God to watch over His people and nation. Thank you for your ongoing financial support for project Under His Wings. The Lord continue to bless you and keep you in this troubling time (Numbers 6: 24-26).

Under His Wings: January Report by Maggie Huang
“Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way;” (Isaiah 35:3)

Shalom Dear Friends of Israel,
Surrounded by enemies whose goal is the annihilation and destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, the great responsibility of defending their nation, has also been placed upon the shoulders of the Israeli teenagers serving in the army right after their high school in order to protect this country, alongside those who work in the military as their profession. Because of this compulsory responsibility, many young
Israelis have been exposed to trauma while performing their military
duties. Daniel is one such young person.

I was visiting Daniel right before the Eve of Hanukkah ― a holiday
to commemorate the Feast of Miracles, and this holiday is especially
meaningful to Daniel as his survival from the terror attack during one
of his missions was a miracle, as he fell head down from high place
directly to the ground and lost consciousness. What transpired from
that attack has affected Daniel mentally, emotionally and spiritually,
making him withdraw himself from people. During the visit, when
Daniel went to bring me some drink, his older brother told me
privately that Daniel has declined the requests of visits from his
friends, but praise God that he accepted my request.  

Through the Ministry of Project UHW, I have the privilege to reach out to a great multitude of Israelis affected by terror attacks. Thankfully, with God in the midst of the visits, many lives have been deeply touched (Isaiah 35:3). Daniel is a very kind, sweet and quiet young man who is a little bit shy. My heart goes out to him as one who has been so profoundly affected by the terror attack he went through.  Please remember Daniel in your prayers so that what has been planted in Daniel’s heart through this visit will continue to minister to his inner being.

When I was playing my violin with some Hanukkah songs for them, surprisingly their mother showed up. She just came back from work and heard the Hanukkah music. She came in to join us, in Daniel and his brother’s own living room, inside their parents’ house. We greeted each other, and I told her it was my great pleasure to meet her. She and her husband are wonderful parents, according to Daniel and his brother, and she said likewise, as she had heard them talk about our organization and me many times. She asked me to pass their deep gratitude to all of our supporters “for your love and your generosity of giving to this Project” saying, “it means so much to their entire family”.  Thank you for allowing Project UHW to touch lives on your behalf. Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
UHW 1 (1).jpg


Under His Wings: December Report by Maggie Huang

Shalom Dear Friends of Israel,


“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword”  (Hebrews 4:12-13)


The trauma, which many terror survivors have been suffering is very real, many of them have seen psychiatrists for years but have not made progress. What they receive from their psychiatrists is more and more medications that do not really help them; more medications, more side effects.


Through the revelation given to Shaul (Paul) in Ephesians 6:10-18, God makes known to us that all of us, not only face physical battles but also spiritual ones, fighting not only against flesh and blood, but also against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. From my experience of visiting many Israeli terror survivors who were also IDF solders and security forces, I realize that they are not aware of the spiritual warfare, as they were not taught. As soldiers and security forces they know how to fight physical battles but they do not know how to combat the spiritual forces that try to paralyze them through trauma.


I told these former male and female warriors about the reality of spiritual warfare, and that the weapons we fight the spiritual battle with, are not the weapons of the world, but divine power and the living word of God to demolish strongholds including the stronghold of trauma (2 Corinthians 3:17 & Hebrews 4:12). I said to them that this was my own experience – God set me free from trauma and fear as I mentioned above. I said God can do the same for them; they said they hope so.


Please keep Nir, Shmuel, Anna, Chen, Tal, Lior, Lidor, Shaul, Aviram, Natanel, Denis, Avraham, Shai, and so many others whom Project UHW has visited, that God will help them to remember and apply what I said to them in their lives, to combat the spiritual forces that try to make them invalid through trauma.


Under His Wings