Hope for the Future by Marcia S. Brunson

Hope for the Future purposes to empower the Ethiopian community in Israel, a critical part of the fabric of this nation.  By going beyond giving handouts and giving "hands up", HFF interfaces with this community by building opportunities to achieve lifestyles that are self-sufficient, that possess dignity, stability, safety and progress.

The characteristics of the Ethiopian community at large have included enduring crowded, emaciated, or impaired housing conditions. Many individuals have limited transportation options, and 79% of the population are classified as low income.  This rate is much higher than other immigrant groups in the land.

Hope for the Future, by conveying the essential message of trust, intends to stimulate and foster intergrated community health and vibrance.  Many Ethiopians left family behind that are in the process of immigrating here from Africa. 


The Falashmuras are now encouraged and permitted to enter the land by government authorities by "the Law of Entry." This subculture is now experiencing the cycle of the first generation, learning the challenging Hebrew language, living in absorption centers and entering the work force. 


CFI, through the Hope for the Future outreach continues to provide for needy families, as their adjustment continues. All our assistance operates from a relentless heart for those we serve to see a bigger picture. In our commitment to God's desire for a thriving multicultural society in His land, we seek to impact the lives of Ethiopian immigrants as Israel's story of survival goes forward.

Leviticus 19: 34 But the stranger who resides with you shall be to you like someone native-born among you; and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.(Amp)


Marcia S. Brunson Outreach Co-ordinator - Hope for the Future

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August 2020 Monthly Report - by Marcia Brunson


Grace to the Great Mountain


Accompanied by many Ethiopian Israeli restaurateurs and coffee bean exporters, the honorable Ambassador Rentu from the Ethiopian Consulate in Tel Aviv, did a fantastic job of educating the public on the Ethiopians' financial plight for exports from Ethiopia into Israel. A few of our HFF clients are independent caterers who cooked delicious food for this event. The committee that set this up did an excellent job educating the audience with statistics relating to imports of coffee and existing Ethiopian restaurants in the land. By seeing and smelling the plethora of Ethiopian bread, coffee, and cuisine, we experienced the awe-inspiring beauty of Ethiopia! 

Our Hope for the Future project has a new method to help with the plight, by injecting new ideas to combat unemployment and poverty. We hope to help create opportunities! Our initial concern has been single mothers unable to sustain longevity in work with young children, and those physically unable to hold jobs outside of their homes.  With careful consideration and research, an idea came to help the community, starting with a small group of women with hearts to succeed. One of the clients said, "A lot of the younger generation lack the vision to trust small beginnings, which would then propel them into a bigger view; they are not excited about working hard or waiting for the ideal occupation."

The concern overall is whether in its current disadvantaged position, the Ethiopian community can survive or if, in the long run, they will manage to climb up the socio-economic ladder and significantly improve their status. High mountains stand in front of many that are marginalized, unable to see beyond the significant lack.

"What are you a great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone accompanied by shouts of grace, grace to it!"

 Zechariah 4:7

CFI Project Hope For the Future facilitated an initiative which was developed and created to empower the Ethiopian Community, designated as the S.E.W. Cooperative, as a means to constitute a new view of "Sewing Seeds" to help stimulate Ethiopian wealth. This initial effort is in the beginning stages, so please continue to pray they will avail themselves of this opportunity to be enabled to become self-sufficient, self-employed with great options to maintain the co-op for the economy of the community.

The S.E.W. Initiative began by identifying mothers or young women struggling to make ends meet. With the unfortunate forced global shutdown, many have experienced underemployment or unemployment. The groups hit the hardest were freelance workers, caterers, house cleaners, hair braiders, or other work obtained on an as-needed basis.


The efforts to establish an opportunity for the women began after our initial meeting.  The process of purchasing the sewing machines took lots of research and many inquiries to match our efforts with a company that would work hand in hand with us. With the help of a devoted group, we were able to buy three machines for 3000nis! Along with this purchase, we received a free tutorial seminar on the mechanics of the devices and use. We continue to be thankful for all the prayer that will surround "Sewing Seeds" this year, as this launching pad establishes new possibilities for our clients to say to "Grace, grace" to the high mountains in their paths.